Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

  • Customers have more confidence in your vehicles.
  • Differentiate your dealership from other dealerships.
  • Reserve for the repairs you already make.
  • Use as a stepping stone to sell more service contracts.
  • Reduce the amount of stress, when the vehicle breaks for you and the customer.
  • Provide nationwide warranty service to your customers.
  • Reinsurance allows you to earn the underwriting profits.


B.H.P.H. Limited Warranty

B.H.P.H. Truth – When the vehicle is broken it is Yours!
                                When the vehicle runs, it is your customers.

  • Reserve for the repairs that you already make.
  • Stop writing side-notes that may, or may not be collected.
  • Reduce your repossessions.
  • Trade-ins and repossessions come back in better shape
  • Reduce the amount of stress, when the vehicle breaks for you and your customer.
  • Keep the vehicle running, so your customer can go to work.
  • Customized billing for better cash flow.
  • Warranty terms and coverage designed to fit your dealerships needs.


ALL AVP Programs are reinsurance programs, where you earn the underwriting profits.

Would you like to see how a Warranty Program would work for you?

We can prepare a customized pro-forma, for you to estimate the profitability of a warranty   program.


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