Vehicle Owners

What to do if you have a breakdown
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  • If your vehicle overheats, STOP IMMEDIATELY!
  • Take immediate action to prevent further damage to Your Vehicle.
  • Return You Vehicle to the issuing dealer if driveable, if your vehicle is not driveable; Contact the issuing dealership for additional help returning the vehicle to the dealership or the dealership’s repair facility. If you are outside 100 miles of the issuing dealership call 877-428-7252.
  • Check your agreement you may have Roadside Assistance. Contact the roadside phone # for immediate assistance while on the road.
  • Before beginning any repair work on Your Vehicle, Call, AVP – 877-428-7252.
    Once your vehicle is at a repair shop we can help the repair shop get your vehicle back on the road.

We can help you get through the repair & claims process quicker and with less stress. 

  • Limited Warranties
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Debt Cancellation Agreements
  • GAP Waivers
  • Loss Damage Waivers

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